Agate 7 Slice Wind Chimes 7AWC

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Our Brazilian agate stone slice wind chimes are a beautiful addition to any home or yard. Each slab is polished on both sides and strung on quality line.  Each slab is from a different agate which makes each agate windchime a one of a kind, with it's own individual sound. The pink, blue, teal, green and purple are a permanently dyed Brazilian agate, the black, brown and brick brown/red are natural.  Some slabs have sparkly druzy centers and others are solid.  The pictures show a representation of the wind chime you will receive. Each agate 7 slice wind chime averages about 25 inches long and the individual slabs average about 3 to 4 inches each. Some people may ask , don't these break?  These agates are very hard, and if they survive the cutting and polishing, they will survive the wind. Please be aware the color may fade in the sun.

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