Ammolite Mammoth Pendant 1MIP


Pendant Size:
1 1/4"
14K Yellow Gold
Stone Type:
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These pendants are great for either gals or guys on a chain or leather cord (not included).  Bails are solid 14K gold.  All pendants are 2 sided and can be worn on either side.  Ammolite on one side and malachite, lapis, sugalite, turquoise or rhodochrosite on the other.  These are signed by the artist and have a lifetime guarantee. You receive this exact pendant that measures 1 1/4" from the top of the bail.  Photos taken in outdoor sunlight.

Chain available for purchase here: 18"-gold-filled-rope-chain

The wooly mammoth roamed across the land bridge between Siberia and Alaska during the ice age when parts of Alaska and the Yukon in Canada were free of ice. Mammoth ivory has emerged as virtually the only acceptable ivory to the international market. All our mammoth ivory has been legally acquired and we adhere to all international laws in regards to the ivory trade.  The mammoth tusks and ammonites are both fossils from Canada and make a great match together.
A mammoth appears in an ancient legend of the Kaska tribe in British Columbia.
The story tells how the boy in the title killed the animal, and was rewarded by being made the first chief of his people. 
The animal is described as a "huge shaggy beast that roamed the land long ago" referring to the Wooly Mammoth.

Certificate of Authenticity, Grading Card with Care Instructions and gift box are included.

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