Ammolite Mosaic Band Ring Sterling Silver 46SR


A Mosaic
Stone Size:
925 Sterling Silver
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Colorful Ammolite Ring in Sterling Silver

  • Ammolite is a rare, naturally mineralized fossilized shell of Ammonite found only in North America.
  • Ammolite’s stunning opal-like flash contains radiant blue, red and green iridescence that color-shift with movement.
  • This genuine Canadian gem quality Ammolite has a durable clear coating layer added for protection.
  • Ring measures 8.5mm wide
  • Each Ammolite pattern is naturally unique and may differ slightly than the image, though the overall shape and color balance will be similar.
  • Would make a great wedding band

Mosaic ammolite is pieces of genuine ammolite assembled together. 

25mm equals 1 inch  Free First Class Shipping, faster shipping available for purchase at checkout.

Certificate of Authenticity, Grading Card with Care Instructions and Gift Box are included.